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May 12, 2016

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We're back and rested!  We hope everyone had a good time with family and friends celebrating this nation's birthday.  We want to take a minute and remind everyone about our Biblical Foundation training starting this December (Registration is still open but limited).


In preparation for this, we are taking the next few months to talk about why we're doing this.  We started with an introduction to our Faith Statement and followed that up with How We Teach The Bible.  Today we're going to start diving into the material.  Again we're not releasing our entire material through these blogs.  We are taking this opportunity to share with you parts of the material.  We intend to train everyone in person.


This week we start diving into Module 1 of 3 - Biblical Worldview.  Before we get into this let's define Worldview - Every human being seeks, perhaps subconsciously, to use their beliefs to answer the following Big 5 questions:


1. Where are you? (What is the nature of this world? Who created it? When was it created?)


2. Who are you? (What are humans? Were you created? Who created you? What is your role in the scope of history?)


3. What is the problem? (What is the overall problem with the world and humanity?)


4. What is the solution? (What is the solution to the overall problem? What is your role in the solution? What is your purpose on this earth?)


5. What happens after death?  


Within each of these 5 general views, there are thousands of permutations of how ‘God’ is understood and explained. For example, Islam (Allah) and Judaism (Jehovah) are both monotheistic worldviews. But a careful inspection of the attributes of the deity described in these two faith systems and their primary texts (the Koran and the Torah, respectively) cause a very different understanding of the world in which one lives. The issue of Palestine and a Jewish state make this discrepancy in worldview very evident.  The Muslims might categorize the Jews as infidels and enemies of Allah, while at the same time, the Jewish people claim the promise that Jehovah established their national identity and therefore consider the Muslims to be their adversaries. This example is important because of a person’s view of God (or the absence of) in fact influences their behavior and life choices which affect the way they will seek to answer the above Big 5 questions.


Now back to Biblical Worldview.  You're probably wondering why you would begin training with Biblical Worldview, doesn't the Bible start with Genesis 1:1 - God created the heavens and the earth?  Yes, the Bible does start with Genesis 1:1, but we must first ready, study, and apply the Bible to our outlook on the environment in which we live.  We must understand that culture, family of origin, and personal experience all shape our worldview. Many of the people that cross our path do not have or do not read the Bible. It is not the source of their understanding of who God is and how He interacts with mankind as His creation.
So, for us to train up followers of Christ, we ALL have to start with the understanding and teach Scripture with the operating assumption that those we share with have no understanding of God or His character.  For this reason, we must start by unpacking the Biblical narrative (we'll get to this in later posts).  Failure to do so results in making an attempt to introduce others to the proverbial friend that they don't even care exists.


In other words, if we simply gave you a bunch of information on a power point, handed you a Bible, and then sent you out to share this information with others you would be sharing under the assumption that this person wants or needs this information too.  Shocker!  Not everyone in the world wants a relationship with God (this is called free will, and that's a discussion for another post).  It's God that wants a relationship with us.  We are His ambassadors here on earth.  For us to properly bring Him the glory and further His kingdom we must:


1. Ready - prepare ourselves to share His Word with a world that rejects His will in their lives. 
 We must build a Biblical Foundation (understand/unpack the Biblical narrative) to ready us for His mission in our lives to properly handle those we will interact with.


2. Study - 1. His Word and 2. learn from those we seek to build a relationship with their ways, culture, background, etc. 


3. Apply - share the content of the Bible and the perspectives it offers on God, the world, and life.  For a representative to be effective, we must first attempt to understand said persons worldview. 


Don't forget: the worldview of a Biblically informed follower of Christ sharply contrasts with other worldviews.  We need to understand that many of the people we interact with have a very different worldview as their interpretation of the world around them is not shaped by Scripture.  


This brings us to our next post: Unpacking the Biblical view of creation.  Take this week to Ready & Study.  Ask God to prepare you, guide you, and strengthen you.  


Recommended reading:


Colossians 3:1-3
John 12:39-40
1 Corinthians 1:18-31  
Genesis 1-2


Thanks and God Bless!





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