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May 12, 2016

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June 21, 2017

We've all done it.  Don't deny it.  You've used Google or YouTube to help figure out How To do something.  I will be the first to admit it.  I use Google and YouTube almost daily.  In fact, I was using it this past weekend on How To fix disc rotors on my mountain bike.  User error led me to a much longer fix job.  I simply wanted to adjust the rotors to cut down on/eliminate them from rubbing, but it led me to an hour long process.  All-in-all I got the job done, but if I had simply relied on Google and YouTube in the first place, I wouldn't have wasted an hour of my life making such a little tweak.


Tweaks, we all make them.  Some tweaks are the result of errors, and some tweaks are made to better our situation or lives.  In the end, not all tweaks are beneficial and lead to more struggle.  What if you could make a tweak and it would alter your life entirely.  This is a guaranteed life change for the better.  We can't promise it's going to be easy at first, but once you fully understand the tweak, it'll make total sense.  This tweak we talk of is God's Word.  How To use God's Word to understand His will in your life.


Back to my hour long error... had I simply taken 20 minutes to research How To Fix Mountain Bike Disc Rotor Rubbing I would have saved myself 30 minutes.  So, what if there was a Google or YouTube for God's Word.  Let's admit, navigating God's Word can be daunting or confusing in the beginning.  Fully Packed Adventure Ministries wants to address this issue right away.  Our Biblical Foundation Material starts out with How We Seek To Teach The Bible.  We want to be clear and upfront with everyone on the process in which you will enter into with us.  


This process is not a Do It Yourself journey.  If you attempt to Do It Yourself, it can lead down rabbit holes, confusion, and false assumptions or bad theology.  FPAM is dedicated to Biblical Foundation Training.  We want to ensure that people are fully equipped to navigate God's will in their lives with the correct understanding of what He is calling them to do and how to properly address and answer questions people will present to them as FPAM chapter leaders, volunteers, board, and staff share God's word with those we enter into a relationship with.


So, here is How We Seek To Teach The Bible


Biblical Training Conference


Biblical training for chapter leaders, and or trip participants, begins with a unique, missional week of intensive training with Fully Packed Adventure Ministries in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  Honduras serves as our training grounds as it provides a venue, local church, and context where believers can come together, in the body of Christ, to celebrate genuine faith united by the Holy Spirit.  Honduras provides a neutral venue for participants to focus on their faith in Christ without the distractions of their home context.  It is also a beautiful country, full of complex issues which encourage and stretch one’s Christian faith.  The weather, topography, and variety of ecosystems also favor year-round outdoor adventure.


Not able to make it to Honduras?  Additional Biblical training will be offered at specified locations throughout the U.S. as specified on the official Fully Packed annual calendar. Typically one East Coast and one West Coast training seminar will be offered annually.


Biblical training of chapter members then becomes the privilege and responsibility of each Fully Packed chapter leader and volunteer.  We feel convicted that every opportunity and every chapter event should involve opening and expositing God’s Word.  Chapter leaders are welcome to use materials from the training conference to subsequently offering the teaching at local events such as bike rides, camping trips, or other member activities.


The same is applied to those that attend the training but are not a chapter leader.  We will work with said person to reach the people in their area (work, neighborhoods, school, etc.).  You are welcome, and we encourage you, to use the materials from the training conference to subsequently offer the training in your places of influence.


Through Local FPAM Chapters


We desire to employ the REPS model to equip local leaders to provide Biblical teaching and spiritual membership to members through the Americas.  A list of current chapters is available on the Fully Packed Web site.  At the time of publication, chapter leadership is emerging in Denver, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Southern California, and Honduras.  The desire is to see each chapter equipped to properly teach God’s Word and conduct regular personal ministry.

Chapter leaders will be encouraged to attend one annual Biblical training conference, as well as attend periodic on-line training meetings offered by Fully Packed leadership team members.


Local chapters may operate under the auspices of a local church, or in some cases, chapters operate as completely independent parachurch entities.  In either case, the objective is to provide a platform for leaders to be trained to further the work of discipleship and evangelism.


Through Providing Resources


Fully Packed Adventures is committed to helping you grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to equip you to train others through events that are organized via your local chapter.

Fully Packed Adventure Ministries provides multiple resources:


Blog - We publish a weekly blog to help readers keep their eyes on Christ. The blog is sometimes light-hearted, and other times tackles deep issues such as sin or doctrine. We often feature special teachers, chapter leaders, or board members.


Quarterly Webinars - We will employ conference call or webinar technology to offer one 45-60 minute Biblical teacher conference every 90 days. The conference will be required for chapter leaders, and open to all members on a voluntary basis. The webinars will cover a specific Biblical text, doctrine, or theme based on the direction of the Holy Spirit or inquiries for chapter leadership.


Recommended Reading Lists - We regularly offer suggestions through newsletters, blog entries, and events on doctrinally sound books* that we think might build you up in your walk with Christ. These reading lists include books on deep doctrinal issues as well as practical Christian living.


For members who are less likely to pick-up a book, we will also distribute suggested podcasts and sermons to encourage Fully Packed members in their Christ-given duty of Reaching, Equipping, Partnering, and Sending.


*Our goal is always to have the Bible as the focus of our own studies, and we would only steer you toward books that will enhance your study and application of God’s Holy Word.


We believe these three areas will provide the opportunity for us to teach Biblical Foundation.  To sit down with a person and tell them, "Here's God's Word!" will overwhelm them.  Let's face it.  You can't address all that God's Word tell us to do in a one-day seminar or over a cup of coffee.  While these two options are good starting points, they will lead the disciple to assumptions, confusion, and misguided theology based off of assumptions.  One person can't properly ingest all of God's Word in 1 sitting.  It has to be broken into different settings and over a period of time, but a period of time that will not lose said person's interest or allow them to drift back into their daily routine.  This is why we seek to provide conferences - a period of time devoted to growing, meditating and understanding God's Word without 1. force-feeding them information and 2. allowing them to drift back into their routine of life.


Is a long weekend or week trip enough time.  I'm sure it's not, but we guarantee you will come away from that time better equipped, Nah!  Fully equipped to go back into your daily routines and foundationally handle/spread God's Word!  This is where the other two areas come into play.  The second allows you to reach your people.  Once you've left the conference, it will be up to you to go to your people and begin the process of entering into relationships with them and challenging them to go through Biblical Foundational Training.  Finally, the third area allows for accountability/tweaks or adjustments.  Let's face it.  We all need refresher courses, and this is where we'll continue pouring into our Biblically Trained disciples.


We hope you'll join us.  This is not an easy process, but the best way to sum it up is: at what cost are you willing to go to fully commit your life to Christ.  What's holding you back?  What's getting in your way of learning all that God has in store for your life?  What are you waiting for?  Make the commitment today and join us as we journey together towards Biblical Foundation! 



Thanks and God Bless!


David Wildman


*Before we meet up again... take some time to watch these videos from The Bible Project.  Our next post is going to start diving into the training.  No, we're not going to release all our material.  But we want to highlight what we'll be teaching!

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