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May 12, 2016

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March 28, 2018

Have you ever had a moment when something was right in front of your face for a long time, and you didn't realize the meaning. 

For me, it was the logo for the business my dad started.  I drove past that building almost every day of my life until one day when I was 15 I looked at the logo and finally understood what it meant.  



Today we're going to do a little Wordsmithing - working with words.  We hope to bring some clarity to a word that's derived from another word.  Brace yourself as the word we're about to give you is a word that makes most everyone cringe.


Discipline.  Inside this word is Disciple.  To discipline someone is to correct them and to be a disciple is to walk with a mentor as they guide and correct our ways of thinking and living as it pertains to following Christ.

Before we go any further let's take a look at a passage from Jonathan Leeman's book on Church Discipline:


"Consider the dilemma raised by the topic of church discipline.  Church discipline, we said, center on the idea of correcting sin.  But the Christian gospel, most would agree, centers on the idea of forgiving sin.  If God forgives sin, why would we need to worry about correcting sin?  Christians, too, are called to forgive others.  What then would be the purpose of correcting one another's sin?


A thinned-out gospel that speaks only of forgiveness and unconditional love does not have the resources for addressing this surface-level tension.  As a result, sin goes unaddressed, and churches begin to shadow the world."


To be discipled is to be disciplined aka corrected aka recreated new in the ways of following Christ.  When one submits their life aka born again, to Christ, they are opening their life to be corrected by a mature Christ following mentor.  


Even those that walk in the way of the Lord (post discipleship) are subject to continued discipline.  Call it an annual evaluation.  A time where those who hold you accountable can speak into your life as it pertains to following Christ.  


There's lots of information on this topic.  We are not here to discuss all of these topics but to bring to light the word inside another word.  We hope this will provoke interest in all of us to further this study.  

Recommended Reading: Building Healthy Churches - Church Discipline by 9Mark authored by Jonathan Leeman.


Before we depart, we suggest that you contact one of our Fully Packed Adventure Ministry Chapter Leaders.  Reach out to them to begin a conversation about discipleship.  We exist to Reach, Equip, Partner, and Send for His glory.


Lastly, let us leave you with this:


"Church discipline aims to expose, warn, save, protect, and present a good witness for Jesus... church discipline also seeks to show love for the individual, love for the church, love for the watching world, and love for Christ." - Passages taken from Church Discipline by Jonathan Leeman.


Live for His glory... Succeed for His kingdom!

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