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May 12, 2016

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February 1, 2018

Former Red Bull Rampage winners, Cam Zink, Kyle Strait, Tyler McCaul and Kurt Sorge are all very well respected riders when it comes to extreme downhill riding.  In my opinion, they are all of their own breed of crazy! But, there is a lot that we can learn in our daily walks and some tips that we can apply when we disciple others. In this write up I will unpack some ways you can channel your inner downhill skills. Let’s get started by diving into this compilation video as we take a “point of view” look at the descent down the side of the mountain.



Man, my heart is beating just watching this! Haha. Pretty intense right! Now let's look at how we can be just as intense for our creator.


Begin with the end in mind:


To get these crazy lines down the side of the cliff these guys spend months prior to the event using binoculars to scope out lines from afar, using shovels and digging corners and ramps into the side of the cliff, cutting wood into ramps that will launch them over the craziest gaps. They also build off of lines that were already formed that previous competitors put there before them. They do all of this just for a couple runs down the mountain for a hope that they’ll get to stand on the podium at the end.  What would it look like if we put that much effort into our ministry to others? Just like these guys who were riding lines from those legends before them, as Christians, we are to follow the example of Jesus. We are called to create and cultivate and we must begin with the end in mind. Just as these guys do they put all that work for the end result.  How awesome will it be to stand on the podium in heaven next to our Creator?  1 Corinthians 2:9 ESV says


But, as it is written,

“What no eye has seen, nor ear heard,
    nor the heart of man imagined,
what God has prepared for those who love him”


No Fear:


These guys don’t get to the level of riding or the size of the tricks they are doing by sitting on the couch. In fact, i'm sure there were many gnarly crashes before they perfected that high scoring double backflip yackety nack can can trick or whatever they call them these days. Yet they keep getting up and going to the top and getting right back on the bike with not even the slightest fear in the world. The smile and excitement on their faces is just an example of their passion for their unique sport. As we walk with others and building into new Christians it can get pretty gnarly at times. We should be just as fierce in our progression with others.  Sometimes we fear that we are not good enough to answer that call, or we may not say the right thing, or what if I offend the other person.  Would it be easier to just sit on the couch right? NO! We get on the saddle, start pedaling, hold on tight and know that God is right there with us!  Joshua 1:9 ESV says


Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”


So that means, when we are at work, at church, driving down the road or riding down the side of a Utah mountain he is right there.  NO FEAR!


Your View:


These guys are out there side by side all day long, talking about wind conditions, the latest component of their bike, bike setups, etc. They practically speak their own language that is French to the everyday person. When one of them speaks, the other knows exactly what the other is saying.  But when these guys try to share their experience with the common folk like the rest of us, I'm sure they get the blank stare and the “what you talking bout Willis” phrase.  The reason is this, We are looking at the same event in 2 different views. Just as in everyday life,  people have different views on certain topics.  It's their “worldview.” Let's dive into some great thoughts on Biblical worldview pulled from our Fully Packed biblical foundation training. These thoughts were put together by fellow Fully Packed board member and Fully Packed - Honduras director, Matthew Allen. Here, Matthew mentions that we ought to understand and teach Scripture with the operating assumption that those we share with have no understanding of God or His character. For this reason, we must start by unpacking the Biblical narrative. Failure to do so results in making an attempt to introduce others to the proverbial friend that they don’t even care exists.


Worldview defined: Every human being seeks, perhaps subconsciously, to use their beliefs to answer the following Big 5 questions:


Where are you? (What is the nature of this world? Who created it? When was it created?)


Who are you? (What are humans? Were you created? Who created you? What is your role in the scope of history?)


What is the problem? (What is the overall problem with the world and humanity?)


What is the solution? (What is the solution to the overall problem? What is your role in the Solution? What is your purpose on this earth?)


What happens after death?


So as you can see with what we have unpacked here, it is very important to make sure when we are mentoring, coaching, in our ministry to others that those we are speaking to are in a place where they understand what their Biblical worldview is or you will just be speaking French to the common folk just like those riders on the side of the mountain.


So there you have it.  Some practical ways to shred through your daily walk and your walk with those around you.



  • Begin with the end in mind. We want as many people on the podium in Heaven as possible. Put in the work, build those relationships now, Leave a legacy that those riders after you can follow!

  • NO FEAR! - don’t be afraid to jump in and go after it. You are good enough and God will not let you down. He will guide you on what to do.

  • Your view - know who you are speaking too and what language they speak. Don’t force a round peg through a square hole.


With these tips, you will be shredding both out there on the trail and in your personal ministry with others. Just keep calm, lean on your mentors in time of need, stay at it and remember to honor Him in all that you are doing. Happy riding!


Live for His glory… Succeed for his kingdom!      Reach Equip Partner Send


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