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May 12, 2016

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December 13, 2017

I want to tell you about my first encounter with Iodine Tablets. 
A quick note on Iodine Tablets.  Iodine Tablets will treat water but will not remove discoloration or things floating in the water.  That's my super scientific write up on Iodine Tablets!  Haha!


Ok, back to the story...   


I thought I was going to be smart and use Iodine Tablets to purify my water during an upcoming bikepacking trip.  A little Advil sized bottle versus a clunky water purifying pump make sense right?  I save space and cut weight.  Win-win!  


My first mistake was not researching Iodine Tablets.  I went to my local REI store and picked up the little bottle of tablets and set off on my trip.  For whatever reason, I thought I would drop these pills in the water and magically it would purify the water.  In my mind, this meant my water was going to be crystal clear.  Just like the water you get out of the faucet.  Boy was I wrong!  I dropped the tabs in the water and waited the appropriate time, and nothing happened.  The water was still the same color and still had little things floating in it.


Let's pause this story right here with me dumbstruck and freaking out and let me ask you a question.


If I were to hand you a bottle of water that was slightly brown and things floating in it would you rather Hope that I used Iodine Water Treatment Tablets or would you have Faith in me?


Hope - a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.


Faith - complete trust in someone or something


I ask because I want to ask you another question.  Do you live Hopeful for God or by Faith aka complete trust?  

God's direction, to us, can resemble the murky bottle of water.  We jump into this thing called Christianity based on some facts or preconceived notions without reading or researching aka understanding what it means to live a life faithfully committed to His will for us - God's Word.  Our expectation of Him doesn't turn out crystal clear.  


So we jump ship and see what others are doing or using to purify their water.  It may help, but we still feel a bit murky on what exactly he's calling us to do.  We then dive into a Bible Study, and this helps again, but still, something is murky.


You start wondering why you can't figure this out.  Why can't I hear from God?  Why can't I understand His word?  If he loves us why did he wipe out all of creation but that family on the boat?


At FPAM we want to help you understand/give you some Biblical Foundations for you to see past the murky bottle of water so that you can start living by Faith and not Hope.  The world isn't crystal clear.  There's a lot of murkiness that exists.  Living by Faith in Him will help you move past Hoping for a better world and seeing His way of life aka His will for us in the midst of the murkiness.


Back to my story.  It wasn't easy to look past the murky water, but (knock on wood) I have yet to get Giardia to this day!  That was the first and last time I will use the Iodine Tablets.  That route is not for me.  I stick to the clunky water purifying pumps.


So if there's one thing we want you to take away from this write up is to live knowing that God has your best interests in mind aka Faithfully committed to His process in your life.  We understand that it looks murky.  


Stop and take the time to figure out the foundational things according to His word.  Once you grasp these concepts, it helps you better understand and move about as you make disciples.


Living hopeful gets you nowhere because our feelings or expectations or desires don't align with His.  We must live faithful to His desire in our life!


Live for His glory... Succeed for His kingdom!


If you're interested in Biblical Foundation please contact us at:


Email - info@fullypacked.org

Ph: 864-546-9687




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