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May 12, 2016

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August 18, 2016

In his book, Shoe Dog, Phil Knight (Founder of Nike) describes his passion for starting out as a shoe salesman and why he believed selling shoes came easy to him:


"So why was selling shoes so different (from his other sales jobs)?  Because, I realized, it wasn't selling.  I believed in running.  I believed that if people got out and ran a few miles every day, the world would be a better place, and I believed these shoes were better to run in.  People sensing my belief, wanted some of that belief for themselves.  Belief, I decided.  Belief is irresistible."  


James 2 speaks of the Royal Rule of Love and Faith In Action.  How might the Royal Rule of Love and Faith In Action go hand-in-hand?  Glad you asked!  James, again, is preparing us.  Warning us in James 2:1-13  to love other as God loved us... unconditionally (Love the sinner, hate the sin)!


You do well when you complete the Royal Rule of the Scriptures: “Love others as you love yourself.” But if you play up to these so-called important people, you go against the Rule and stand convicted by it.


The Royal Rule of Love prepares us for James' next point: Faith In Action (James 2:14-26).  James is preparing us to love other as we love ourselves.  This is important in carrying out our Faith through works.  We can't pick and choose to love others while sharing our faith:


Isn’t it obvious that God-talk without God-acts is outrageous nonsense?


Back to Phil Knight and Nike.  Imagine if we all had the same belief in Christ as Phil Knight did for running.  We'd all be Bible Tycoons!  People would sense our belief in Christ and want the new hot trending model of the Bible.  We'd be signing contracts with Joe Nobody.  The most talented evangelical new believer in the Christ game sense Jesus signed the 12 disciples!


Seriously though.  Phil Knights belief and passion for selling shoes was evident.  People recognized it in him.  He believed in what he was selling and thus his passion for it flowed out into everyone he met.  He didn't want to cater to the elite, he wanted to sell a pair of running shoes to everyone he met: runner or not!  


So, as we carry out our faith through works remember the Royal Rule of Love and let your passion for Christ be seen by all.  Don't reserve it for the elite.  Share His love to all.  Don't pick and choose faith or works.  God calls all Christ followers to works in His name, not just pastors, elders, or religious elite.  All of us!


Thanks and God Bless!


David Wildman




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