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Reading The Bible Can Change Your Life! Trust Me, I'm Speaking from Experience!

In January I had the opportunity to go to New Orleans to assist our church youth group as a leader on their mission trip. On this trip, I got to meet one of the co-leaders Caleb, pretty well. Caleb was such an inspiration to see as he took to Bourbon Street in hopes of reaching the lost and breathing God's word into the air. Along with this, I watched Caleb for a couple of days carry his Bible with him everywhere we went. Even when the youth were playing card games, or at the soup kitchen, he would be sitting next to them talking, and when the conversation stopped he would go right back to reading the word armed with his highlighter in hand. As Caleb was reading, he would highlight passages or words that stuck out to him. Maybe it was something that God was revealing to him at the time he was reading through the passage.

Even on the way home, he and I would switch on and off driving the van back to Ohio and every time he was in the co-pilot seat, you guessed it... He would be reading and highlighting. He mentioned that he had just purchased 10 new Bibles prior to the trip. I asked him what he did with all the Bibles and he simply replied, "well, I'm going to read them. When I get done reading through the Bible entirely, I set that one aside and start over with a fresh new Bible and begin reading in Genesis again." He explained that when he starts over, God would reveal something different the 2nd time.

So he continues to do this over and over, making the Bible an everyday part of his life. He presses into it and it presses back into him. This was such an amazing concept to learn and I knew pretty quickly that I was definitely on this mission trip to meet Caleb. Before making it back to Ohio, I asked Caleb one last question. I asked,

"Caleb, what do you do with all those Bibles once you are done with them?" He said, "Well, I simply pray and ask God to give me the names of people who may need them". He went on to say, "I tell the people that I give them to, that if all they read were the highlighted portions, they would get a lot out of the Bible."

WOW! What an awesome tangible thing this is. I was so inspired by Caleb and this new concept that I started to pick up the bible and actually set out to read it starting in Genesis and slowly working my way to Revelation. I'm not as good as a reader as some so I didn't want to set an agenda behind it. I simply told myself that I would actively pick up the Bible and read it every chance I could. It's now August and I'm just starting the book of Judges if that tells you anything.

What I can tell you is this, I have been more impacted, I have felt God's presence in more ways, and felt God speaking to me in more ways then I have ever felt in any Bible study that I have ever taken in the history of my life. I could literally see myself in and relate to Moses as I read through the book of Exodus. I was so moved by this experience that I have now started telling everyone I know. I wish I would have done this long ago instead of waiting until I was 40 years old.

I have had so much joy reading through the Bible that I have decided that I should be sharing what God is doing in my life and how he is moving in me and not just bottling this up. So with that said, I have decided to use this blogging platform through Fully Packed to share this joy in hopes that it will help someone else. Over this next year, as I'm reading through the Bible and highlighting where God is in my Bible and in my life, you will be able to experience this right along with me. I'm going to do my best where possible to relate it back to Adventure Ministry, biking, and being in the great outdoors. This is totally new for me and out of my comfort zone but I feel like it's my role to share this good news with you all.

So will you join me? Join me in my new adventure to explore and unpack God's word. Join me in prayer as I listen for where God is, and where he wants me to be. More importantly, Join me in your own adventure to read His word and be transformed.

Thanks for tuning in, have a great day!


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