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In terms of worldview, many religions explain a way to achieve salvation and eternal life. Essentially, these views can be classified in two ways: Works righteousness: Through human achievement, good works, or adherence to a moral code, eternal life can be merited. D...

As Adam serves as a type of the natural man, each man, and women born naturally have a heart that is turned inwardly, in selfishness. As parents, we can see this inward focus in our children from the moment of their birth. Does a child wait until morning to awaken his...

The creation of Adam, translated as ‘man,' began an ongoing narrative of God’s love and redemption of humankind, not seen with any other member of the animal kingdom that God created. Adam, and his counterpart, Eve, would be used to propagate the newly created huma...

The HOW of creation affirms the power of God’s spoken word.  In His perfect wisdom, God is seen as the intelligent designer, constructing the world with laws to govern and sustain it.  Laws which we have given names like the law of gravity, the law of conservation of m...

For us to train up followers of Christ, we ALL have to start with the understanding and teach Scripture with the operating assumption that those we share with have no understanding of God or His character.  For this reason, we must start by unpacking the Biblical narra...

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