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June 21, 2017

Tweaks, we all make them.  Some tweaks are the result of errors, and some tweaks are made to better our situation or lives.  In the end, not all tweaks are beneficial and lead to more struggle.  What if you could make a tweak and it would alter your life entirely.  Thi...

June 14, 2017

First things first, we need to make sure everyone is on the same page aka a true disciple, and a good starting point is the Fully Packed Adventure Ministries Statement of Faith.  Of course, we could jump right in with Genesis 1:1, but we need to make sure everyone unde...

June 8, 2017

At Fully Packed we have a Statement of Faith.  Here is our stance on The Bible:   We believe that God has spoken in the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, through the words of human authors.  As the inspired Word of God, the Bible is without error in its original...

June 2, 2017

Jesus gives them an abbreviated version of the Model Prayer Matthew 6:9-13.  Jesus provides us with a model to follow instead of us having to wing it or DIY it.  Let's break it down: Model Prayer *Note: Read first Matthew 6:5-8 Begin With - Matthew 6:9 "Thi...

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