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Hello, my name is Lila Welker and soon I will be 8 years old in March. In the last few years, I have been learning and growing in my walk with Jesus. I have accepted Jesus into my heart when I was 5 years old. Since then my parents have been teaching me a lot about how to love God and love others like doing nice things for people that we don't know and don't have the chance to do or have some of the things that I do. I have also learned a lot in our Awanas program at my church where I have been reading my bible and memorizing bible verses.

One day mom and I were talking about helping others in my homeschool and I came up with the idea to raise money to buy books for kids who don't have the means of reading. I really love to read and I don't know what I would do if I didn't have access to books. So I asked Daddy if he would help me come up with a way to make my idea a reality. Daddy and I sat in my room and discussed some of our options and when we were done it was clear what we would do.

Daddy is a board member and director of Fully Packed Adventure Ministries. Another board member, Matthew Allen, and his family are missionaries in Honduras where my daddy had a chance to visit. The children there do not have a normal childhood like I do. They usually spend most of their time in the coffee fields and most families send their daughters to school so the sons can work in the fields. The girls then come home to teach their brothers. Matthew and his wife Jennifer, work at a school and attend 4 different churches in Honduras where Matthew preaches and Jennifer works in the ministry to children. This is where I want to help! I want to help Jennifer and her ministry to the children of Honduras. I want other children in Honduras to have the chance to know Jesus and have Him in their hearts just like I do. Here is how you can help me.

First, Matthew and Jennifer were telling me that in their churches the children have been using the same bible curriculum for the last 5 years. I couldn't imagine having to use the same book over and over for 5 years. I would like to raise the money needed to purchase the curriculum that Jennifer has picked out for their church. Second. Jennifer was asking for a copy of the storybook bible written in Spanish. She will use this bible to help tell the story of Jesus to all of these children. I would like to purchase as many storybook bibles that I can so that each church can have one and they can have some spare bibles for later. third, Daddy was able to visit and attend a church in a little town called Casitas that is way up high in the Honduran mountains. There, Daddy was able to meet a few little girls and attend a church service where Matthew was preaching. In this church, there are no children books for the children to read so I would like to purchase as many books as I can with the funds raised so that they can have them there. Lastly, I would like to collect used books from people willing to donate their gently used books either by mail or locally. I will take these books and distribute these to kids in need here in my community or sell them and use the funds toward my efforts in Honduras.

I want to thank Matthew and Jennifer for all their help in the planning stage with lots of information about their needs. I want to thank my parents for teaching me about God and how to help others. I would like to thank Fully Packed Adventure Ministries for coming up beside me and helping me and my ministry to other kids. I want to thank everyone who will be donating and investing in my ministry to help others. If you can not help with funding my ministry to others that is ok, I would love to have your help with your prayers. I would love for you to follow along with my progress with my facebook page or if you would like to get put on an email distribution list where I will send personal updates on how I'm doing each month and new events that we will be doing. you can send your information to my dad's email Joshwelker36@gmail.com.Thanks so much for listening to my story and I hope to talk to you all soon.