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What Do I Need To Pack?  Here are some basic things to bring:


Sleeping Bag


Sleep Pad



Street Clothes

Sock Hat



Riding Gloves

Riding / Hiking clothes

Riding / Hiking shoes


Day pack (For Hikers)

Camelbax (For Riders)

Snack / Lunch food i.e. cliff bars, jerky, m&m's, etc.

Coffee Mug or Travel Mug

Spending money







Should I Bring Cash For Food? 

Yes.  Bring cash as we will eat out 2 times in the town of Brevard.  Options range from a food truck at The Hub, BBQ joint, Pizza Hut, Waffle House, and Taco Bell (I believe there is an ice cream joint too).  


Make sure you bring trailside snacks and lunch for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday rides i.e. beef jerky, cliff bars, etc.


A portion of your registration fee helps pay for dinners and breakfast.  Here is how it breaks down:


Thursday Morning - Breakfast (Cinnamon Rolls, Fruit, and Coffee)


Thursday Evening - Dinner (At camp - meal TBD)


Friday Morning - Breakfast (Most likely Eqq Burritos and Coffee)


Friday Evening - Dinner (At camp - meal TBD)


Saturday Morning- Breakfast (Most likely an egg dish and Coffee)


Saturday Evening - Dinner (In Town)



Pisgah Outdoor Retreat

When: April 24-28, 2019


Where: White Pine Group Campground in the heart of Pisgah National Forest


Cost: $70 (covers campsites, food, study material, and transportation


How Do I Get Registered?  Glad you finally asked!


<-------- Click REGISTER NOW on the ad to the left.


What If I don't have a bike?  No worries!  There are rental bikes available at The Hub and Sycamore Cycles just one mile down from the campground.  Both shops have fleets of Santa Cruz, Norco, and Specialized bikes.  Full suspension and hardtail.  We recommend full suspension for riding in Pisgah!


What does a rental cost? 


Click here to see bikes available from The Hub


Click here to see bikes available from Sycamore Cycles


Have A Question?

Trail Info


Schedule of Events  


*Subject to change/alter depending on day




Afternoon (sometime around 3 pm) - FPAM arrive at White Pine Group Campground

Evening - Roll along the greenway to Oskar Blues to eat at the Chuck Wagon




  • 6 am (or before) - 2nd Mile Adventures arrives / Breakfast (cinnamon rolls, fruit, and coffee)

  • 7:30 - 9 am Group Bible Study 

  • 9 - 10:30 am Get ready to ride/hike (includes those who are renting to pick up bikes at The Hub - opens at 10 am)

  • 11-11: 30 am load up and head to trailhead


  • Mountain Biking - TBD

  • Hiking - TBD

Arrive back at camp by 4 pm to clean up and prepare to hit the town of Dinner at camp

Maybe a game of track stand!

Be back at camp by 8 pm for campfire stories (time to share your highs and lows of the day)

Notify everyone to have bikes and gear ready to go in the morning




  • 6 - 8 am Group Bible Study

  • 8 - 10 am breakfast / prepare to load up and head over to Dupont

  • 11 am arrive at Dupont State Forest


  • Mountain Bike: TBD

  • Hiking: TBD

4 pm load up and head back to camp

6 pm dinner at camp 

6:30-8pm Group Bible Study

8 pm campfire stories (time to share your highs and lows of the day)




  • 6:30-8 am Group Bible Study

  • 8 am Breakfast/gear up for riding

  • 10 am ride out from camp to ride


  • Mountain Bike: TBD

  • Hiking: TBD

4 pm arrive back at camp to clean up, break down tents, and return rented bikes.

6 pm dinner in Brevard