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FPAM Chapters

Do you love the outdoors and spreading God's Word?  Great!  We're the organization for you!  Fully Packed Adventure Ministries is a chapter based ministry.  What is a Chapter Based Ministry?  We're glad you asked!


A chapter based ministry is a combination of like-minded Christ follower coming together under one mission for His glory.  The board of FPAM gives our leaders goals and guidelines in the form of mission, vision, and value statements and then let them run loose to do whatever it take to meet the goals of the ministry in their local communities.  In other words, one mission with some freedom in methodologies for each local chapter.  Our focus is on outdoor adventure discipleship and Christan Education.  How you accomplish this: canoe, kayak, bikepacking, backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or climbing is up to you! 


Take a minute to check out our current locations and make sure to review out Mission Statement and Faith Statement.


If you're interested in getting a chapter started or linking up with a chapter please contact us and we'll make sure to get you plugged in!​